Feeling weak lately?  

Please know that GOD IS

ABLE!  But this is not all of the good news!!  If you are a Christian and His Spirit lives in you ,

HE IS ABLE…”according to the power that is at 

work IN YOU…”


Go to:

Ephesians 3:20-21

Are you tired of putting your own needs first in life?

Jesus has the perfect answer to this world-wide problem.


Go to:

Romans 15:1-3

Do you have anyone who is teaching and mentoring you

and helping you grow up in the Lord?  We all need someone to help us grow and someone we are helping grow.


Go to:

Titus 2:1-8

Is your life falling apart?

Jesus came to save you and hold your life together!


Go to:




New American Standard Version Bible Access

Are you lonely?

God knew many people

would face loneliness in their lifetime.  The beginning and the 

end of the book of Matthew reveal that God incarnate came to earth 

and was called Immanuel (GOD WITH US); and His last promise before 

going back to Heaven is, “Lo, I will be WITH YOU always even to the end

of the ages.”


Go to:

Matthew 1:23 & 28:20 


In our lives of worship,

we only want to lift up Jesus

24/7!  He is the ONE who draws people to HIM!


Go to:

John 12:32

We all need encouragement DAILY!  Life gets dangerous when we are not encouraged and/or are not encouraging.  Come be encouraged; your presence will encourage us!


Go to:

Hebrews 3:13


Read this passage for some comforting and COURAGEOUSLY good news! 

Go to:

2 Timothy 1:7


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